UCLA Bruins Face Penalties but Show Defensive Dominance in Game Against Coastal Carolina

Chip Kelly Praises Aggressive Front Line Despite Offside Penalties

In a recent matchup against Coastal Carolina, the UCLA Bruins found themselves under scrutiny due to their defensive penalties. Throughout the game, the team incurred four offside penalties, with one occurring in each quarter. However, despite this setback, the Bruins managed to assert their dominance on the field.

As a collective unit, the Bruins exhibited an impressive performance, amassing a total of 10 tackles for loss and three sacks. While the penalties were undoubtedly a drawback for the defensive line, head coach Chip Kelly was quick to commend the team’s unwavering aggressiveness, a trait he values greatly in his players.

Looking ahead to week two, UCLA faces a challenging test as they hit the road to take on San Diego State. Last season, the Aztecs showcased their ground game by averaging over 200 rushing yards per match. While the Bruins have reason to celebrate their initial game’s defensive statistics, they remain committed to reducing the number of penalties incurred.

Throughout practice this week, the team diligently honed their skills, emphasizing the importance of maintaining proper positioning while still exhibiting the desired level of aggression.

“We had a very, very aggressive defensive line,” UCLA coach Chip Kelly said. “There’s also, ‘Hey, let’s sit back and not get offsides,’ but then you might not get 10 tackles for a loss and four sacks. I think there’s a fine line and the amount of offsides we had was unacceptable, but you’d rather err on our guys being aggressive and attacking than to just sit back.” (Via Orange County Register)

UCLA’s defensive line has been widely touted as one of the finest in the nation, and now they face the daunting task of living up to the hype in San Diego.

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