UCLA Bruins Football: Odds Favor Undefeated Start to 2023 Season

Bruins Aim for Third Consecutive 2-0 Start in Week Two Matchup

Your UCLA Bruins football program is riding high after an impressive victory against Coastal Carolina, marking the beginning of an undefeated 2023 season. Now, oddsmakers are confidently predicting a strong start to the season, with the Bruins aiming for a third consecutive 2-0 record.

According to Action, sportsbooks have unveiled the odds for the Bruins’ week two clash with San Diego State, pegging UCLA as a formidable 13.5-point favorite. SDSU, fresh off a narrow escape from an upset against Idaho State, faces an uphill battle.

Remarkably, the odds have shifted even further in UCLA’s favor, with many sportsbooks now placing them as 14.5-point favorites. This shift indicates growing confidence in the Bruins’ abilities.

Not only are the odds favoring UCLA on the point spread, but the money line also strongly supports the Bruins. Presently, the team boasts a -700 money line, implying that a $10 wager would yield a $1.43 profit. It’s evident that oddsmakers are highly confident in UCLA’s chances.

However, for those seeking higher returns, there’s an intriguing alternative. Betting on an upset victory by San Diego State, with odds set at +500, would mean a $10 bet could potentially result in a $50 windfall. The choice between betting on the favored Bruins or the underdog Aztecs now rests with the fans.

Forecasts from oddsmakers predict a high-scoring encounter, with UCLA expected to put up at least 34 points, while SDSU’s line is set at 17. Fans eager to test their predictions can catch the game on CBS at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, September 9th.

This upcoming matchup against San Diego State marks UCLA’s first road game of the season, adding an extra layer of excitement to what promises to be a thrilling showdown.

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