UCLA Bruins Return from Educational Spain Trip, Await Arrival of Key Players

The team reflects on a 10-day overseas journey while preparing for the upcoming season.

The UCLA Bruins embarked on an enriching 10-day expedition to Spain during August, immersing themselves in both the challenges of three matches with a new roster and the cultural richness of the country. This educational venture provided the team with unique experiences as they interacted with Spain’s captivating society.

Although the overseas trip yielded positive outcomes, Mick Cronin and the Bruins encountered a notable absence on their roster for the upcoming season – a gap that was felt both in physical presence and strategic impact. As reported by Ben Bolch from The Los Angeles Times, the team was devoid of two significant additions: Aday Mara, a towering 7’3″ center, and Berke Buyuktuncel, a 6’9″ forward. These players were fulfilling prior commitments and did not participate in any of the trio of exhibition matches.

Anticipating the return of Mara and Buyuktuncel, Bolch reveals their impending arrival on campus, marking their first official presence at UCLA. This development holds special significance as Mara, ranked as the top prospect in this year’s incoming UCLA class by 247Sports, brings substantial potential to the team’s lineup.

Mick Cronin and his staff celebrate the successful integration of the Spanish big man into the UCLA community, acknowledging the complexities that accompany overseas recruitments. Such endeavors require navigating various challenges to secure player commitments. With Mara’s arrival, the team can now focus on incorporating him into the team’s dynamics. As the season unfolds, the UCLA Bruins’ first exhibition game against Cal State Dominguez Hills on Halloween sets the stage for their official debut against Saint Francis (Pennsylvania) on November 6th.

In terms of gameplay, Mara stands as a promising contender for the center position, offering versatility to the team’s strategy. Whether he starts in the lineup or takes on the role of the sixth man, similar to Donovan Clingan’s contribution to the University of Connecticut, Mara’s presence is poised to influence the team’s performance.

As the UCLA Bruins reflect on their insightful sojourn to Spain, their attention remains fixed on the horizon as they anticipate the return of Mara and Buyuktuncel. With these key players rejoining the team, the upcoming season holds the promise of exciting opportunities and dynamic gameplay that will captivate fans and followers alike.

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