UCLA Bruins Running Back’s Pet Alligator: Meet Carson Steele’s Intimidating Household Member

Carson Steele's 10-year companion, Crocky-J the Alligator, Adds Intrigue to UCLA Player's Profile

UCLA Bruins’ running back Carson Steele, known for his on-field prowess, has a distinctive companion that sets him apart even more. Meet Crocky-J, an 80-90 pound pet alligator measuring five-and-a-half feet in length. This intriguing partnership has been a part of Steele’s life for a decade, as reported by Ben Bolch of The Los Angeles Times.

Crocky-J, the formidable creature that resides in Steele’s household, is not just a pet but a family member in his own right. With a decade-long history together, the bond between Steele and Crocky-J is one of the defining aspects of the athlete’s life. Bolch’s report highlights that despite Steele’s impressive physical strength, it’s the alligator that captures the attention as the more intimidating presence.

Surprising as it may seem, Steele once contemplated bringing Crocky-J to his UCLA dorm, but logistical challenges eventually led to a different decision. In retrospect, it’s fortunate that the reptilian companion remains with Steele’s parents in Indiana, as managing such a unique pet requires a level of care that is not to be taken lightly. Bolch points out that even handling Crocky-J necessitates the effort of two individuals due to its size and nature.

“He kind of represents me, especially a kid from the Midwest coming to L.A. with blond hair, doesn’t look like he should be from Indiana, you know?” Steele said. “Might as well throw in an alligator.”

“I don’t even know if my mom and dad know this one,” Steele said with a laugh, “but when I was younger, I was trying to show him to my friends and something happened, one of my friends moved or something and I turned and looked the other way and he got me a little bit. That was the one time.”

Steele’s own encounters with his formidable companion have left their mark on him. As he shared with Tracy McDannald of Bruin Blitz, the journey alongside Crocky-J hasn’t been without its memorable moments. These instances underline the extraordinary experiences that have shaped Steele’s life both on and off the field.

“Man, I wanted to so badly,” Steele noted, “but with the rules and stuff, I don’t think you can have those kinds of animals here. Indiana? It’s a little different.”

Carson Steele’s narrative is one of resilience and strength, both symbolized by his football career and the unconventional bond with Crocky-J. The unlikely companionship showcases a different facet of his character, giving fans and observers a deeper understanding of the multifaceted athlete. As Steele continues to excel in his role as a junior running back for the UCLA Bruins, his connection with Crocky-J remains an integral part of his captivating story.

“I have a few scars here and there on my hands,” Steele allowed. “Had a few incidents [with Crocky-J], nothing crazy.”

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