UCLA’s Freshman Quarterback Shines, Prompting Calls for a Change, According to LA Times Writer

Following Impressive Debut, Questions Arise About Starting Quarterback Position

Following UCLA reserve freshman quarterback Dante Moore’s impressive debut, which contributed significantly to the Bruins’ opening night 27-13 victory over Coastal Carolina, speculation has emerged about a potential shift in the team’s starting lineup. Notable sports writer J. Brady McCollough from The Los Angeles Times emphasizes that the head coach, Chip Kelly, should consider making a change at the quarterback position.

Throughout the game, Coach Kelly alternated between Dante Moore and the current starting quarterback, junior Ethan Garbers. McCollough observes that Moore showcased superior performance compared to Garbers, making his presence felt on the field. While the coach’s strategy of rotation was evident, it’s Moore who appears to have caught the attention of both fans and experts alike.

In McCollough’s piece, he goes on to map out a timeline for a potential transition to Moore as the team’s future play caller. This transition, according to the writer, could come around the fourth game of the season. However, the interim period will witness careful evaluation of the team’s rotation strategy to determine the most effective approach moving forward.

“Kelly now has his first real game data points to review, but one thing was clear enough for any layman: With Moore driving the offense Saturday night, the Bruins seemed to be facing way less traffic,” McCollough writes.

“Garbers started the game hot, too, with Kelly calling an aggressive, high-tempo game plan,” McCollough continues. “He found Carsen Ryan for a pretty 21-yard touchdown on the game’s opening drive. During the second drive, Garbers led UCLA back into the red zone, but he threw an interception in the end zone trying to fit the ball in the middle of the Coastal defense to Kam Brown.”

“Kelly doesn’t need to watch Saturday’s tape to know that the Bruins could be 0-1 right now instead of 1-0 if Moore hadn’t been up to the challenge in his debut.”

The rise of Dante Moore has introduced an intriguing dynamic to the UCLA football landscape, leaving fans wondering if a changing of the guard is in order. McCollough’s insights into Moore’s standout debut and the subsequent discussions about starting quarterback positions shed light on the evolving narrative surrounding the team.

“By the time UCLA travels to Utah Sept. 23 — if not before — Dante Moore should be named starting quarterback,” McCollough asserts.

The performance of a rising star often sparks debates about the status quo, and the case of Dante Moore is no exception. As the Bruins continue to navigate their football season, all eyes remain on the quarterback situation. Will Chip Kelly heed the calls for change, or will he stick with the established order? Only time will reveal the path that UCLA’s football program chooses to take.

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