Former UCLA Quarterback Shines in Preseason Audition with Cleveland Browns

Dorian Thompson-Robinson Impresses Coaches and Fans with Stellar Performance

In a noteworthy display during an extended run with his new NFL team, a former star player from UCLA has left a lasting impression on coaches, front office staff, and fans by delivering an exceptional performance in the preseason games.

Dorian Thompson-Robinson, who previously called the plays for UCLA, effectively demonstrated his diverse range of talents in his audition for the backup quarterback position at the Cleveland Browns. His impressive showing earned him the backup QB role, which he secured by consistently performing at a high level throughout the course of the month.

By outshining his fellow competitors, including Kellen Mond who was waived, and Dobbs who was traded away, Thompson-Robinson showcased his superior abilities. He stood out from the other quarterbacks on the roster behind Deshaun Watson, securing the privilege to hold that position.

One of Thompson-Robinson’s key strengths was his ability to avoid turnovers, a crucial skill that he employed alongside his passing prowess and skillful rushing throughout his four preseason games. His performance was marked by a remarkable level of consistency, impressing both his teammates and opponents.

Right from the beginning of the preseason, Thompson-Robinson made a strong impact, catching the league’s attention. His first impression couldn’t have been better as he guided the Browns in a matchup against the Jets during the Hall of Fame Game. In this game, he led two touchdown drives, showcasing his rushing capabilities and contributing to the first score through adept blocking. He also demonstrated his arm strength, delivering an impressive throw for the second touchdown as the Browns rallied to victory against New York.

Dorian Thompson-Robinson, Cleveland Browns: A

One of the league’s top preseason standouts, Dorian Thompson-Robinson showed off his strong arm and intriguing mobility. While completing 37 of his 58 attempts, he collected 440 yards and two scores with no interceptions. DTR added 69 rushing yards on 14 carries. He won the backup job over Dobbs, who the Browns traded to Arizona.

via David Kenyon, Bleacher Report

As the preseason progressed, Thompson-Robinson’s excellence on the field was evident, particularly in his competition against Kellen Mond for the third-string QB position in Cleveland. Going above and beyond, the Browns’ front office displayed their confidence in him by trading away Dobbs to Arizona. This strategic move entrusted Thompson-Robinson with the offensive responsibilities in case of Watson’s potential absence due to injury or performance concerns. Despite initial skepticism, his stellar performance in the NFL showcased his undeniable talent and silenced any doubters.

The former UCLA standout’s journey in the NFL continues to captivate football enthusiasts and experts alike, leaving them eager to witness his future contributions on the field.

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