UCLA Women’s Basketball: 2022-2023 Season Highlights and Summer Tour in Senegal

A Recap of the Bruins' Season, Notable Wins, and Their Summer Tour Adventure

Your UCLA women’s basketball team had a bustling 2022-2023 season. Despite entering the March Madness Tournament with a lot of momentum, they fell short against South Carolina after a series of hard-fought victories.

Nonetheless, the Bruins have been diligently fostering a thriving team culture over the last few years. Returning players have savored the Sweet 16 experience and are eager to elevate their performance. The journey towards a potential national championship has kickstarted with UCLA embarking on a summer tour in Senegal. This expedition marks their first team trip of this kind since the 2016 season, and they’ve already engaged in early competitive matches.

A standout game that captured the attention of college basketball enthusiasts was their extraordinary 103-point triumph against TS Jahn Munchen. Gabriela Jaquez, the forward, showcased her prowess by contributing 27 points. Astonishingly, she single-handedly outscored Munchen’s collective tally of 23 points. Despite the international team missing several key players, the Bruins approached the game with their customary intensity, striving to foster seamless team dynamics.

Emily Bessoir, a forward representing UCLA, held a special connection to Munchen, having played for them previously. Post-game, she decided to interview one of her former teammates. Inquisitive about the experience of playing against the Bruins, she engaged in a conversation to gain insights into their performance.

As the UCLA women’s basketball team embraces their unique journey, combining past successes with the thirst for improvement, their summer tour in Senegal becomes a crucial chapter in their quest for excellence. With eyes set on future accomplishments, the Bruins continue to pave their way towards a promising season ahead.

“I think it was a great opportunity and a great experience,” she said. “We knew that we wouldn’t have a big chance but everybody had a lot of fun and seeing our players like Em who played here and playing against a top-10 team in the US is somewhere we all want to be.”

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