Rising Star Dorian Thompson-Robinson Shines as Cleveland Browns’ Promising QB2

Former UCLA standout Dorian Thompson-Robinson secures backup QB role with impressive preseason performance for the Cleveland Browns.

Dorian Thompson-Robinson, the notable talent who lit up the field for the UCLA Bruins between 2018 and 2022, has been making waves in the NFL arena. As he donned the Cleveland Browns jersey after being selected in the fifth round of the NFL Draft, he seamlessly transitioned his skills to the professional stage. Currently hailed as the Browns’ QB2, Thompson-Robinson’s journey from college sensation to NFL contender is nothing short of impressive.

Thompson-Robinson’s stellar preseason performance has caught the attention of football enthusiasts and analysts alike. Displaying his prowess on the field, he showcased his dual-threat capabilities as a quarterback. In the preseason matches, he racked up an impressive 440 passing yards, landing two touchdowns with zero interceptions. Not only that, but he also proved his mettle as a runner, amassing 69 yards on the ground. These feats underscore his potential to make a significant impact in the NFL.

The transition from college football to the big leagues is often challenging, but Thompson-Robinson made it appear effortless. His experience as a multi-year college starter at UCLA played a pivotal role in his smooth adjustment. The calmness and composure he exuded on the field demonstrated his maturity and understanding of the game. It’s no surprise that he clinched the backup QB position behind the seasoned Deshaun Watson after an exceptional preseason performance.

Although Thompson-Robinson may not see extensive playtime during the regular season, the Browns have full confidence in his capabilities. In the event of an injury sidelining the starting quarterback, Thompson-Robinson is poised to step into the spotlight. His remarkable start in his NFL career has shown the Browns that he can handle the pressure and responsibilities of a starting role.

During his time with the UCLA Bruins, Thompson-Robinson left an indelible mark on the college football scene. Emerging as the all-time leader in passing yards and touchdown throws for the Bruins, he displayed his ability to excel both as a passer and a playmaker. Over his UCLA tenure, he threw an impressive 10,710 yards and landed 88 touchdowns. His ground game was equally potent, with 1,826 rushing yards and 28 touchdowns showcasing his versatility.

In conclusion, Dorian Thompson-Robinson’s journey from being a star at UCLA to securing the QB2 position with the Cleveland Browns is a testament to his remarkable skills and adaptability. With a standout preseason under his belt, he has proven that he is ready to make his mark in the NFL, whether as a backup or a potential starter in the making.

Gary Lee

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