Exciting Start to UCLA Women’s Volleyball Season with New Coach and Strong Performances

PAC-12 Coaches Rate UCLA Women's Squad as Fifth Best, Stanford and Oregon Lead Conference

Volleyball season has arrived, and fans nationwide eagerly anticipate the spirited matches between teams. The focus turns to the UCLA women’s squad as PAC-12 coaches have ranked them fifth in the roster rankings. This ranking adds pressure to the team, driving their determination to showcase their skills and potential.

However, Stanford and Oregon emerge as the dominant forces in the conference. This places the spotlight on UCLA and their new head coach, Alfee Reft. As they gear up for matches, the team prepares to adapt strategies tailored to their opponents. The intriguing factor lies in the experimentation with new schemes and systems, guided by the dynamics of each face-off.

Despite an initial setback, where the Bruins suffered a defeat against LSU, they swiftly rebounded with two consecutive wins. Notably, their triumphant response began with a rematch against LSU, followed by a victorious encounter with Northwestern State.

In the battle against Northwestern State, Iman Ndiaye’s impressive performance marked a turning point, with 14 kills that set a commanding tone from the very start. A significant milestone was achieved as the UCLA women’s volleyball team stepped onto the university grounds, drawing a record-breaking crowd that packed the stands. With two wins and one loss, their journey continues, and the aspiration for more wins remains high.

“The Bruins (2-1) defeated the Lady Demons (0-4) in front of a record-breaking crowd of 1,232 fans who came out to see UCLA compete at the university for the first time in program history.”

(Via UCLA Bruins)

The future holds the promise of even larger crowds, thanks to the team’s remarkable talent and the guidance of Coach Reft. Steadfastly focused on their ultimate objectives, the team moves forward with determination. As the UCLA women’s volleyball team embarks on this exciting journey, their performance so far underscores their potential for a successful season ahead.

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