UCLA Freshman Jan Vide Gears Up with Teammates for Exhibition Tour in Madrid

Jan Vide, the 6'6" Shooting Guard, Hones Skills in Madrid Ahead of UCLA Exhibition Games

Incoming UCLA freshman shooting guard, Jan Vide, is currently alongside his fellow Bruins in Madrid, Spain, getting ready for a thrilling three-game exhibition tour. Vide’s journey from his native Slovenia to Madrid at the age of 14 was a pivotal step to enhance his basketball skills.

The onset of August marked the arrival of Vide to his freshman season abode, where he promptly kicked off his summer coursework.

According to a recent communication from UCLA, the 6’6″ shooting guard is fully immersed in his early Bruins encounter. Vide’s entry to UCLA comes with high expectations, further buoyed by his standout performance over the summer before even commencing his college career. At the FIBA U19 World Cup, he represented his home nation Slovenia, recording an impressive average of 17.9 points per game. This exceptional performance secured him the third position in scoring among all participants at the championship.

Vide’s dedication to honing his basketball skills brought him from Slovenia to the vibrant courts of Madrid. His journey from his hometown to the bustling Spanish capital was driven by his passion for the game. Now, surrounded by teammates who share his enthusiasm, Vide is diligently preparing to showcase his prowess in the upcoming exhibition games.

The Madrid experience not only offers Vide the opportunity to refine his basketball techniques but also exposes him to a diverse basketball culture. The exhibition tour promises to be a thrilling platform for Vide to not only bond with his new teammates but also to exhibit the results of his relentless training.

“It’s been amazing,” Vide said of UCLA. “I’ve had the chance to travel around the area a little bit – around Westwood, Hollywood, Beverly Hills. Certainly the culture here is a bit different. You have a mix of everything. It’s been the first time that I’ve tried things like Korean food or Japanese food, and then Greek food. You have a mix of everything, and that’s really nice. And then the second thing I’ve noticed, like so many people here, I am not adjusted to things like going on a highway with six or seven lanes, so many cars, up and down. So that’s just a big change for me.”

As Vide readies himself for this exciting chapter of his basketball journey, UCLA fans and basketball enthusiasts around the world eagerly await his on-court endeavors. The combination of his proven track record and his commitment to improvement sets the stage for a remarkable inaugural season with the UCLA Bruins.

Stay tuned for more updates as Jan Vide and his fellow Bruins gear up to make their mark in the forthcoming exhibition tour, captivating basketball fans across the globe.

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