Exciting Changes in College Football as Bruins Prepare for Season Opener

UCLA's Head Coach Kelly Confident Despite New Clock Rule

Buckle up, Bruin fans. College season is about to kick off, with only 13 days left until the first game for UCLA against Coastal Carolina.

The excitement is building as we approach the start of the college football season. The Bruins are ready to hit the gridiron once again, and some changes are in the air for both the team and the game itself.

One notable change this year is the alteration in the way college football’s clock operates. Traditionally, when a team’s offense secures a first down, the game clock would halt. However, a new rule has come into play – now, after gaining a first down, the clock will continue running, except during the last two minutes of a half.

While this shift could potentially impact certain college offenses, the same cannot be said for UCLA. According to their head coach, Chip Kelly, the new rule will not disrupt his team’s game plan. Coach Kelly recently addressed the media, expressing his confidence that the rule change won’t have any adverse effects on his offense.

“We don’t train them at all. You’re probably going to get less snaps in the game, but the mechanics of the game still work the same. We still have a tempo and a pace that we feel like we really well. I think there’s just going to be less snaps in the game. It really doesn’t affect the pace and tempo of what the game is like in the nonstop clock things in the last two minutes of the first half, the last two minutes of the game.”

(via Chip Kelly)

Anticipating the upcoming season, the UCLA offense is expected to operate like a finely tuned machine under Coach Kelly’s guidance, despite the change. This year, the team will also introduce a new quarterback to take charge on the field.

Whether it’s the old clock or the new clock, the Bruins remain focused on their game strategy. As we eagerly await the season’s kickoff, there’s an eagerness to witness how these changes will unfold on the field. With Coach Kelly’s assurance that the new clock rule won’t be a concern, fans can look forward to an exciting season ahead.

The countdown is on, and the anticipation is palpable. As we gear up for the college football season to begin, Coach Kelly’s confidence sets a positive tone for the Bruins’ approach to the game. Stay tuned for the first game against Coastal Carolina, and let’s see how these changes impact the exciting world of college football.

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