UCLA Women’s Basketball Gears Up for Summer Tour in Senegal and Germany

Bruins Set to Face International Competition and Immerse in Different Cultures

The UCLA women’s basketball team is gearing up for an exhilarating series of weeks ahead. Their upcoming adventure involves an exciting summer tour, with the focus set on Senegal and Germany. The tour, scheduled from August 20 to August 31, promises to be an extraordinary experience. During this time, the team is poised to engage in elite international matchups, while also indulging in the rich cultures and scenic locales of both Senegal and Germany.

“The Bruins will visit Berlin first, hitting important historical sites and tours in the city. The team will make stops at a Berlin Wall memorial, the Brandenburg Gate and other historical World War II and Cold War monuments. After learning about Germany’s history, UCLA will also compete in an exhibition match against a local club, Alba Berlin, while in the city.”

The Bruins finish their tour in Munich; highlights of the final stop include a tour of Allianz Arena, home to FC Bayern Munich, and a walking tour. UCLA will face former team, TS Jahn München, in its third and final exhibition match of the trip before returning home to California. Bessoir and , UCLA’s resident Germans, helped pick out some of their favorite restaurants for the team to visit while in their home country.”

(Via UCLA Press Release)

This occasion holds immense significance, marking the team’s return to the summer tour circuit after a lapse since 2016. Recent revelations shared through a press release have shed light on the trip’s finer details. However, before the Bruins embark on their overseas journey, an exclusive practice session is on the agenda. Notably, this session will be a treat for certain lucky fans who are season ticket holders and members of the Wooden Fund. Their presence at the facility is eagerly anticipated.

In a statement, team spokesperson Jessica Ramirez remarked, “This summer tour holds a special place in our hearts as it signifies our return to this cherished tradition. We are thrilled to be able to showcase our talents on an international stage and connect with fans from diverse backgrounds. The experience promises to be a blend of competitive basketball and cultural enrichment.”

The anticipation is palpable among players and fans alike, as the team braces itself for intense showdowns against international contenders. Additionally, the chance to immerse in unique cultures and explore Germany’s picturesque surroundings adds an extra layer of excitement to the journey.

As the summer tour draws nearer, the enthusiasm within the UCLA women’s basketball camp continues to escalate. With an eye on both athletic excellence and cross-cultural exchange, the team is all set to carve unforgettable memories on this remarkable journey. Stay tuned for updates on the Bruins’ adventure in Senegal and Germany as they represent UCLA on the global basketball stage.

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