UCLA Bruins Stars Shine in 2023 FIBA Women’s Eurobasket for Team Germany

Lina Sontong and Emily Bessoir Make Their Mark on the International Stage

The offseason in college sports holds significant weight, rivaling the regular season in importance for budding star athletes. This interval away from team commitments and relentless games and practices offers players the dual advantage of recuperation from the rigorous season and the chance to hone their individual talents, setting the stage for a stronger return.

Amid this context, a range of priorities emerges during the offseason. Certain players elect to journey or head back home, temporarily stepping away before diving back into training. In their high school days, standout basketball players often chose to join the AAU and EYBL circuits, sustaining their engagement in structured basketball. This not only served to showcase their prowess but also enabled scouts to closely evaluate their performance.

Transitioning to the college level, the trend continues. While the EYBL avenue might no longer be viable, international competition takes its place. It’s this very channel that a handful of prominent UCLA Bruins players skillfully exploited, embracing the chance to represent Team Germany in the prestigious 2023 FIBA Women’s Eurobasket tournament. Among these stars were Lina Sontong and Emily Bessoir, who donned the national colors and competently upheld their competitive edge throughout the summer

“The forward duo of rising sophomore Lina Sontag and rising redshirt junior Emily Bessoir culminated their competitions with the German National Team at the 2023 FIBA Women’s Eurobasket in July. The pair contributed to the team’s execution of securing the nation’s first Olympic qualifier performance in history. Shortly thereafter, Sontag participated in the 2023 FIBA U-20 Women’s European Championship.”

(Via Daily Bruin)

Bruins’ head coach Cori Close is immensely gratified to witness her players making optimal use of the summer break. She succinctly emphasizes that the present efforts in the off-season are tantamount to triumph during the season. In essence, hard work during these months is an unequivocal prerequisite for victory in the forthcoming games.

“March doesn’t happen in March,” Close said. “March happens right now in your level of commitment in the offseason in your level of being able to do things that other people aren’t willing to.”

(Via Daily Bruin)

Lina Sontong and Emily Bessoir’s notable participation in the 2023 FIBA Women’s Eurobasket is an exemplar of the commitment that the UCLA Bruins’ stars invest in their craft. This exposure to international competition not only bolsters their personal growth but also enriches their prowess on the court, thereby fortifying the standing of the UCLA Bruins in the upcoming college basketball season.

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