UCLA Alumni Shine Bright in NBA: Westbrook, Love, and Holiday Make Top 25 List

Former Bruins Standouts Recognized for Their NBA Careers in Recent CBS Sports Ranking

In the world of basketball, the hardwood of UCLA has witnessed the rise of many exceptional talents over the past 15 years. These Bruins have not only left their mark on college basketball but have also elevated their careers to the NBA stage. A recent compilation of the top 25 names from Blue Blood schools has brought to light the substantial NBA achievements of three former Bruins.

Sitting at a notable third position in CBS Sports’ list is none other than Russell Westbrook, whose basketball journey began humbly at UCLA. Despite his recent twists and turns, including a trade from Washington to the Lakers, Westbrook has found his niche with the Clippers. His commitment to his team was demonstrated by accepting the biggest seasonal pay cut in league history, a testament to his dedication and determination.

Next in line at the sixth spot on the list is Kevin Love, a former forward and a teammate of Westbrook’s during his time at UCLA. Love’s contributions as a crucial third option played a pivotal role in Cleveland’s improbable championship victory. His defensive prowess, particularly his on-ball pressure against the likes of Steph Curry, has etched his name in NBA history, leaving an enduring legacy for fans to cherish.

Jrue Holiday, another standout talent from UCLA, secured his place at number 19 on the list. Recognized for his consistent and impactful career, Holiday’s presence proved pivotal for the Milwaukee Bucks during their triumphant NBA title run. His defensive skills were on full display as he diligently guarded players like Devin Booker and Chris Paul, earning the Bucks their first championship since the era of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Oscar Robertson.

The enduring impact of these three former UCLA Bruins is evident as they continue to shine brightly in the NBA constellation. Westbrook, Love, and Holiday have not only become all-stars in the league but also symbols of resilience, excellence, and dedication. Their success stories inspire and captivate basketball enthusiasts, reminding them of the prowess that emerges from the roots of collegiate basketball.

In conclusion, the legacy of UCLA’s basketball program is undeniably intertwined with the impressive NBA careers of Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love, and Jrue Holiday. Their recognition among the top 25 names from Blue Blood schools highlights their enduring impact on the world of sports and their journey from the college court to the grand stage of the NBA.

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