UCLA Guards Kiki Rice and Londynn Jones Shine at FIBA Under-19 World Cup

Teammates since youth, the dynamic duo aims to take UCLA even further this year.

UCLA Bruins’ sophomore guards, Kiki Rice and Londynn Jones, have been an unstoppable duo long before they took the court at Pauley Pavilion. They first teamed up in the 2019 Under-16 FIBA Americas Championship and continued their partnership in the 2022 Under-18 FIBA Americas Championship before making their debut at UCLA.

This summer, at the 2023 FIBA Under-19 World Cup, Rice and Jones once again showcased their talent, leading their team to a remarkable 69-66 victory over Team Spain and capturing their third FIBA gold medal together. Their coach, Joni Taylor, who also guided them to victory in 2022, praised the evolution of their games, highlighting their continuous growth and impact on the court.

During their previous season with the Bruins, Rice and Jones played crucial roles in helping the team reach the Sweet 16. With their recent international success, the question arises: will this experience at the FIBA Under-19 World Cup elevate UCLA to even greater heights this year?

The chemistry and familiarity between Rice and Jones have been key factors in their accomplishments both on the international stage and in collegiate basketball. Their seamless partnership and complementary skills have proven to be a winning formula, guiding them to success in multiple championships.

As the upcoming college basketball season approaches, the dynamic duo’s performance at the FIBA Under-19 World Cup will undoubtedly bolster UCLA’s aspirations for further advancement. Their valuable experience gained from competing against international talent will undoubtedly translate to their play on the collegiate stage, benefiting the Bruins’ quest for success.

With Rice and Jones leading the charge, UCLA has a promising chance to make significant strides in the coming season. Their exceptional talent and chemistry will undoubtedly be an asset to the team, and the Bruins’ fans are eagerly anticipating the duo’s impact on the court once again.

Gary Lee

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