Rico Hines’ UCLA Summer Pickup Games Return with NBA and NCAA Talent

Rico Hines continues to impact players beyond the regular season through his pickup games.

Rico Hines, known for his notable contributions to both playing and coaching basketball, has made a significant impact on the game. Having been part of the UCLA Bruins men’s basketball team alongside future NBA All-Star Baron Davis and serving on various professional coaching staffs for teams like the Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings, Toronto Raptors, and Philadelphia 76ers, Hines’ influence extends beyond the regular season.

For fans who crave basketball content throughout the NBA and NCAA offseasons, Rico Hines offers a unique solution. He organizes his own summer pickup games at UCLA, which have become a much-awaited event for basketball enthusiasts. Last year’s games went viral, featuring remarkable moments such as an astounding poster dunk by KJ Martin, John Wall’s three-point prowess before joining the Los Angeles Clippers, and stellar performances by Amari Bailey, Jaime Jaquez, and other talented Bruins against seasoned professionals.

In the first video release on Rico Hines’ YouTube channel, Amari Bailey was spotted on the sidelines, although he had yet to join the games. However, NBA players like Thomas Bryant and Ben McLemore actively competed, offering fans a thrilling glimpse of what’s in store for the upcoming weeks.

While not every offseason workout and game is recorded, Hines remains committed to sharing his basketball system with the world. His UCLA summer pickup games not only showcase top-tier talent but also serve as a platform for players to improve and elevate their game. What sets Hines apart is his ability to deliver inspiring speeches before each day’s play, motivating the participants to support each other’s growth and compete with unwavering determination.

As the summer heats up, basketball enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing the exciting matchups and skillful displays at Rico Hines’ UCLA summer pickup games. With NBA and NCAA talent coming together, these games serve as a testament to Hines’ dedication to the sport and his mission to foster growth and camaraderie among players.

Gary Lee

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