Portland Prefers Jaime Jaquez Jr. Over Nikola Jovic in Damian Lillard Trade Talks

UCLA Forward Emerges as a Top Pick for Potential Deal

In the ongoing Damian Lillard trade saga, Portland Blazers have made their preferences known, expressing a desire for a young asset from Miami. Recent reports from TheDunkCentral and Greg Sylvander indicate that the Blazers are leaning towards former Bruin standout, Jaime Jaquez Jr., over Serbian prospect Nikola Jovic.

Jaime Jaquez Jr., who garnered attention for his impressive performances as an All-Conference and All-Defensive forward, has become the top choice for the Blazers. After a stellar season, where he earned the distinction of a second-team All-American, Jaquez has caught the eye of Portland’s management.

The UCLA forward first made headlines during the Bruins’ remarkable run to the Final Four in the 2021 season. Overcoming the odds as an 11 seed, UCLA advanced from the First Four to the national semifinals, defeating prominent teams like Michigan State, BYU, Abilene Christian, Alabama, and Michigan. Their dream of a national championship appearance was thwarted by Jalen Suggs’ buzzer-beating heroics for the Gonzaga Bulldogs.

Following two more tournament runs without reaching the Final Four, Jaquez Jr. entered the NBA draft in the summer, and the Miami Heat selected him as the no. 18 overall pick. This opened up opportunities for potential trades involving the young prospect, with his rookie contract now eligible for negotiations as of August 1st.

Whichever team acquires Jaquez Jr.’s services, be it Miami or Portland, they will gain a formidable post player with a wide array of crafty mid-range moves. Known for his strong defense and resilient attitude, these traits were evident throughout his impressive college career, particularly in his standout season.

The Miami Heat’s renowned culture would be an ideal fit for Jaquez Jr.’s style of play, but the Blazers have set their sights on the forward, signaling the possibility of a new era for Portland’s basketball.

As the trade talks progress, the fate of Damian Lillard remains uncertain, but the involvement of young talents like Jaime Jaquez Jr. adds intrigue to the negotiations. Fans eagerly await updates on this potential deal that could reshape the landscape of NBA basketball.

Gary Lee

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