WATCH: David Singleton Talks UCLA-Washington, Advice as Leader

Singleton set a new record for most career appearances with the Bruins, and he has at least 12 games left in college.

UCLA men’s basketball guard David Singleton spoke with reporters ahead of Wednesday morning’s practice at the Mo Ostin Basketball Center. Singleton talked about his role as a leader with the Bruins, how Amari Bailey returning changes his spot in the rotation, what factors have led to his recent shooting slump, how the offense can step it up against Washington’s zone and how he’s feeling heading into his last few home games.

You’re kind of a leader on this team, obviously. What do you say to the guys, you know, after two losses? Obviously, it’s not the end of the world – losses in January – but what do you say to the guys to get back on track? Have you said anything to them?

I told them, I’ve said a lot to them but I told them winning is hard. USC needed to win that and they got their job done, we didn’t get ours. I tell them it’s hard, we just have to work even harder, I tell them that’s what happens in the game of basketball when you don’t focus, the other team out-toughs and out-mans you, we just can’t let that happen again we’ve got to put a in a winning effort. We can’t put in our best effort, we have to put in a winning effort.

With Amari coming back, at some point he might move back into the starting lineup. Do you like the way things have gone with you on the bench coming out as a six man versus starting lineup? Does it change anything the way teams are playing you maybe, going up against starters versus backups?

I don’t really see a change in there. I just see Amari, he’s a great player and I would love to have him in the rotation, whether he puts him starting or whatever it’s not up to me. I really don’t care as long as we win. At the end of the day that’s all that matters to me. But in terms of on the court I don’t really see a difference. Everyone has a scouting report on me.

Is fatigue a factor in the shooting slump for you because you play more minutes?

I’m not sure of my shooting slump, I’ve been playing more minutes that might have a factor but I don’t really think about that. I just think about the next shots going in. That’s just the mentality you have to have as a shooter.

Do you look forward to playing against a zone like Washington’s?

I look forward to playing every game, Washington they’re a great team I know a couple guys on the team so I just look forward to every game. We have to come out and play with heart, it’s conference play.

You only have a handful of home games left, how much have you thought about that?

Yeah, it crossed my mind, I’m worried about Thursday, but it has crossed my mind. You know, like last home games of my career here. So it is, you know it’s a happy/sad feeling but you know I just gotta put that aside, gotta worry about Thursday.

Thought about sleeping on the court before senior night?

Maybe, we’ll see, I don’t know.

What’s the key to having the most efficient execution in the half court?

We’ve been working hard on that you know, cutting hard. Making the right reads, knowing when to pass, when to shoot. And all those are when knowing when to drive. You have to have good cutters, everything, that’s the key to efficient offense. That’s something we haven’t been doing and we have to work on. 

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