WATCH: Dorian Thompson-Robinson Talks UCLA Rallying for Clutch Win

The Bruins’ fifth-year quarterback led his team on a game-winning drive that ended with a field goal with time expiring.

UCLA football quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson spoke with the media following his team’s 32-31 win over South Alabama on Saturday. Thompson-Robinson talked about handing things off to kicker Nicholas Barr-Mira at the end, how prepared he was for the game-winning drive inside two minutes, what the Bruins did to make up for some of their earlier mistakes and what he thinks of Zach Charbonnet and Jake Bobo’s roles in the passing game.

Feelings when Barr-Mira goes out for the kick, knowing it’s out of your hands?

Shoot, Ben, I was at ease. I was at ease. Everybody wrote off Nick the first week with his performance. Seeing Nick training ever since that first game, he was working his tail off, put the work in and I had all the complete confidence in him.

Rallying for the win?

Yeah, I think just sticking with the plan and sticking with each other. Knowing the proven guys we have in the huddle and the talent that we have. It’s just staying within the system and making sure we’re not trying to play hero ball and try and do too much.

Thoughts heading into the final drive?

Yeah, so we work on it every day, two-minute, clutch close it out and right now, not so much. It’s a normal Wednesday practice for us in a situation. We have all the complete confidence in the world in what our defense does.

Good to have a game like this heading into conference play?

For sure. Maybe more to prove to ourselves, how resilient this team is. We have a lot of new faces on both sides of the ball. And so they just didn’t come together there were a lot of transfers and missing people. And so for those guys to rally together and come through as a team together this had the feeling of a complete win.

Have to transfer your calmness and confidence to your teammates?

I’d say I got a little frustrated at times. Obviously, we weren’t playing as good as we’d like to. But again, I think our coaches do a really good job staying in our ears, making sure we’re staying positive. As well as just the older guys in the groups, whether it’s Zach and the running backs, Zeke and the tight ends, me and the quarterbacks and then obviously Titus and Bobo and Kam and all them and Kaz with the receivers. So I think just the leadership and the growth that we have on this team, especially on offense on the ball, is far to none, for sure.

This game being closer than first two?

I kind of touched on earlier the physical resiliency that this team show, I’m really proud of the way that we could just stay together no moments too big for this team. And so, you know, we had no worries at all going into the fourth quarter rather to the third quarter as you know, we’re biting ourselves in the foot we’re we’re making mistakes and parts of the ball, we’re giving them stuff. And then we have a lot of stuff to clean up which is always good after the winter, you know, you have some more stuff to clean up. You’re not there yet. And it’s only Week 3. So we got a we got a long ways to go to the rest of the year.

Approach on final drive needing FG instead of TD?

Yeah, I think either way we’re gonna be around the same situation going both ways. Whether we’re gonna be on the 25 with the kick or we’re where they spotted it based on where he was down. We’re still gonna have to go the length of the field but I think my mindset going into it was like I said, it’s just the Wednesday’s practice is what we love to do. We love to go out there and play football especially when the games on the line and and the lights are shining and everybody’s watching us. I think our boys really enjoyed it. That was definitely a fun drive and one we’re going to remember for a long time.

Improvements for Charbonnet in the passing game?

Yeah, again, smart football player. We’re asking them to do a lot, rightfully so. And so you know he’s taken all that he can and making sure that he’s doing everything he can for the team in the run game and passing game. I think Coach Kelly is doing a good job putting him in different situations. I really use his versatility and I think he’s typical.

Bobo biggest game as a Bruin?

You know, you can see the experience the growth all week at practice he’s coached you guys up on how to run routes and stuff on certain looks. And so you know, I know that someone I always trust is always going to be in the right spot at the right time. Whether he’s open or not, he knows and understands the offense.

How are you physically?

I feel great. Last game I was a little banged up in the beginning of the week. Got to game time, got pulled, so I got some more rest for me. This week. I you know, my main focus this year is availability is the best availability. And so I’m trying to stay on the field for all 12 games finish all 12 games my boys.

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