WATCH: Titus Mokiao-Atimalala Talks UCF-UCLA Transfer, WR Depth

The Hawaiian receiver’s old program is moving to the Big 12, while the Bruins are set to move to the Big Ten in 2024.

UCLA football receiver Titus Mokiao-Atimalala spoke to reporters following Tuesday morning’s fall camp session. Mokiao-Atimalala broke down his transfer process from UCF, what role he fits into best with the Bruins’ and what it’s like playing college football during such a turbulent time with conference realignment and NIL.

Number switch?

Yes. So when I first came in and I wanted to wear No. 2 with Kyle leaving until Martell Irby, right, he was then No. 2, he changed his number and when he was done playing football, coach then asked me if I wanted to be No. 2 again, so yeah, I took it.

That number mean something to you?

For me, just growing up, I always wore No. 2. I’m the second oldest, that had something to do with it and I was born in the year ’02, right, so I like the No. 2.

Path to transferring to UCLA?

So for me, once I hit the transfer portal, coach Chip was the very first person to call me, right when I hit the portal, I saw my name was in, I was training back home and then I just see my phone and I still had his number saved from high school, so that was the first call I got to talk to him and his words exactly were, ‘This is my second time around and I’m not going to lose you.’ I just stayed in contact with him and coach Jerry, I saw what they did last year and the numbers they put up with Kyle and Greg and that’s something I wanted to be a part of.

How close did you come to committing to UCLA out of high school?

I was really close. Just had some other factors I had to look into, but all that matters is I’m here now.

What do you bring to the receiver room?

I’m really excited. We have a good receiver group. I believe we have one of the best receiver groups in the Pac with Bo leading us, Kaz, he’s the speedster, Kam Brown also, he’s another speedster and for me, I’m big on just technique and routes, you know? I try to help out the younger guys with their route-running and I’m kind of just getting a feel from Bobo since he’s been doing this a long time and my biggest thing is probably my route-running. NIL THING? I heard about it, they asked me about it, but as of right now I’m still on the low so I’ll wait until I hear more about it before I talk about that.

UCF moving to Big 12, now UCLA moving to Big Ten – what’s it like to play college football during these turbulent times?

It’s exciting, you know, it’s cool to see that UCF moved to the Big 12 and with us moving to the Big Ten, that’s huge for us and when that time comes we’ll focus on that but right now we’ll just focus on our team this year.

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