Rams Set New NFL Record Following Chargers’ Loss

The collapse of the Los Angeles Rams from Super Bowl champions to a 11-loss team will go into the NFL record books.

The Los Angeles Rams started the new year with a 31-10 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers, continuing a season filled with disappointment. 

Sunday marked the 11th loss for the Rams, which set the NFL record for most losses by a defending champion. The 1999 Denver Broncos previously held the record with 10 losses, a year after the retirement of Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway. 

We all know the story from the preseason, the Rams were defending champs and added a player like Bobby Wagner and returned key pieces like defensive tackle Aaron Donald and cornerback Jalen Ramsey, quarterback Matthew Stafford, and Cooper Kupp, so how could this happen?

Injuries could be the most logical excuse, as the Rams have lost all of those players listed above to injuries except for two, Ramsey and Wagner.  

Playoffs are out of the question, meaning the Rams must start looking toward the offseason, where they will begin to evaluate what to do next. Will they talk with Stafford and Donald about potential retirements? Could Baker Mayfield run it back in L.A. under a long-term deal? All big questions looming this offseason.

The Rams will finish out the season on the road against the Seattle Seahawks. While the Rams are not in contention for the playoffs, a win on Sunday could knock the Seahawks out of contention.

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