Rams News: Jared Goff and John Wolford Could Compete for Starting Job in Camp

Although the Rams were able to clinch a wild card spot and advance as far as the Divisional Round, it was more or less an up and down season for the team. You can point to almost every player or position having some sort of issues over the course of the season as well as highlight moments. However, the biggest issue for the team may have been the quarterback position.

The 2020 season seemed to be a tale of two halves for Jared Goff. He started off the first half of the year pretty solid only to falter in the second half when the team needed him most. The story off the end of the season was the number of turnovers that Goff allowed as well as the loss of confidence in his abilities. You could just tell that he was not the same player from the first 7 games.

First 7 games:

  • 5-2 record
  • 68.3% pass completion rate
  • 1,790 passing yards, 12 TD/4 INT

Last 8 games:

  • 4-4 record
  • 66.4% completion rate
  • 2,162 passing yards, 8 TD/9 INT 
  • 4 fumbles 

Although Goff was able to throw the gain more yardage threw the air in those last 8 games, it didn’t always mean much for the Rams as he just couldn’t help but hand the ball off to opposing teams. In most games, it was the run game and defense that really kept Los Angeles in the game. 

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To be fair Goff did come back strong during the playoffs even with a recovering thumb, yet it may not have been enough to erase the past. There are talks of the Rams possibly moving on from the former No. 1 pick. It’s also been reported that if Goff isn’t traded by the start of training camp, then the Rams are expected to hold an open QB competition. 

Wolford impressed the Rams with his opportunity to start during the Wild Card Round and could potentially compete with Goff for the starting gig. While Wolford only has a game and a drive under his belt, he’s proven he can compete at a high level. Though he’ll need to do a better job at finishing drives if he hopes to secure more playing time. 

It’s possible the Rams could use the competition as a way to force the best out of Goff, or their patience with him may truly be running out. 

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Adam Salcido

“That is the way this game is -- you win, you lose, you celebrate and you suffer.” -- Vin Scully
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