Rams: Jared Goff Still Holds Potential for Los Angeles

When Jared Goff was selected first overall by the Rams back in 2016, he was seen as the future of the organization. It wasn’t long before the former Golden Bear lead Los Angeles back to the Super Bowl before being defeated by the New England Patriots. Since then, fans have begun to question his future with the team as his production has taken a dip from his 2018 performance. 

While he has had a rocky two seasons since then, Goff is still a quality quarterback. Yes, he has had moments of disappointment but has also had those of greatness. In fact, from his age 23-26 seasons, Goff has either performed similarly or exceeded the level of play of some great quarterbacks through the same age seasons.

Jared Goff: 

  • 55 games and counting, 38-17 record 
  • 15,275 passing yards, 95 TD/41 INT
  • 63.7% completion rate

Matt Ryan:

  • 62 games, 43-19 record 
  • 14,238 passing yards, 95 TD/26 INT
  • 60.9% completion rate

 Ben Roethlisberger:

  • 58 games, 38-20 record
  • 12,353 passing yards, 84 TD/58 INT
  • 61.9% completion rate

Drew Brees:

  • 58 games, 30-28 record
  • 12,127 passing yards, 79 TD/53 INT
  • 62.1% completion rate

In only 55 games, Goff has thrown more touchdowns than all except Matt Ryan, who he should exceed during the Rams’ next game. He’s also thrown for more passing yards and has a better pass completion rate. Though Goff’s 41 interceptions aren’t the worst listed above, it’s been a part of one of the biggest issues he has. At times, he has made some very questionable passes where it would’ve been smarter to throw it away or even take the sack.

When put under pressure Goff doesn’t always make smart decisions, and teams are starting to see that more and more. Take the Rams’ last game against the Dolphins where Goff was constantly rushed and pressured the whole game. It’s clear he still has some growing to do, but there’s no denying he has the potential to become a great quarterback. If his age 23-26 seasons are any indications, Goff is in line for a great career with a bit more seasoning.

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Adam Salcido

“That is the way this game is -- you win, you lose, you celebrate and you suffer.” -- Vin Scully
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