NFL News: League Announces Safety Protocols For When Players Return To Facilities

The NFL released its updated plan of attack on safety guidelines for when the players return to their club facilities this morning.

Some of the protocols that were mentioned were pretty familiar in terms of safety such as players remaining 6 feet apart in locker rooms as well as wearing a mask when not participating in practices. Some other notable protocols to look at are listed:

– Locker rooms reconfigured to permit people being 6 feet apart
– Meetings must be conducted virtually when possible
– Helmets, shoulder pads, etc. disinfected after each game
– Masks required except when interfering with “athletic activities”

Although the NFL released these protocols, there is still no date set and no minicamps are expected, but according to Pelissero, the NFL and NFLPA are discussing the possibility of certain players to return to clubs. Rookies and veterans who changed teams that need physicals are among those players.

The NFL does note: “In advance of reporting of full Club rosters in July: Strongly encourage Tier 1 and Tier 2 Individuals and Players to practice virtual isolation wherever possible to minimize risk of infection.”

You can read the full Memorandum below:

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