Rams News: Los Angeles Unveils New Logo and Color Scheme

The Los Angeles Rams have officially rebranded and released their new logo. In a live stream on Monday, the Los Angeles franchise revealed a new Rams logo along with a Los Angeles logo that will be used. The Rams also revealed fonts to be used as well as a brand new color scheme. Check them out below.

Early reactions are still pouring in from around the internet, but the general consensus is that the actual Rams logo and the colors are great. People are not as high on the LA logo with the horn sticking out of it. Some fans believe it too closely resembles the Chargers logo, another team that will share SoFi Stadium.

The Rams and Chargers will be moving into a brand new, state of the art facility beginning next season. Construction began on the stadium back in 2016, when the team made the move from St Louis back to Los Angeles.

The logo is somewhat of a throwback to the old Rams days, with the blue and yellow color scheme matching up well. The logos are simple but convey everything needed in the process. personally, I will withhold judgment until the jerseys are unveiled.

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