Rams News: Todd Gurley’s Knee is ‘Very Bad’

The Rams cut Todd Gurley earlier this week, a move that was very unpopular among the fan base. While the money move made sense for the franchise, Rams fans took to Twitter to blast their team for letting the three-time Pro Bowl running back out of Los Angeles.

But as it turns out, the move might have been more than just money-related. One source described Gurley’s knee as ‘very bad’, and Gurley’s trainer has this to say about his health.

Everybody knew when Todd came out of Georgia that there would be some kind of arthritic component to his knee, which is part of every surgery whether it’s a shoulder, a knee, an ankle. He’s now at the year-five mark, all we’re doing is managing that. If we can pound him less in the offseason while keeping his weight down, working on his strength, working on his agility in short areas, that’s going to give him a better chance to be healthy Weeks 14 through 17 when they really count.

If this is accurate and true, it seems as though the Rams made the right call with Gurley. He rushed for just 857 yards and 12 touchdowns in the 2019 season, down from 1251 yards and 17 rushing touchdowns the year before. Gurley only missed one game, but his snap count dropped off significantly.

The Rams will pay $7.5 million of Gurley’s $11 million salary this season. He signed with the Falcons who will only pay him $6.5 million. The Rams’ depth at running back for the moment is highlighted by Malcolm Brown, Darrell Henderson Jr, and John Kelly.


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