LA Roundup: Why Dodgers Need to Be Wary of Signing Trevor Bauer, Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma Showing Growth, and More!

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The Dodgers are sitting pretty after finally breaking their title drought last season, but they are always looking for ways to improve. One of this offseason’s top free agents is the notorious Trevor Bauer, the former Red’s starting pitcher who has taken social media by storm. While Bauer’s talent would be a great addition to any rotation, the Dodgers may want to take caution in signing him to a deal. With so much depth already on the roster, there just isn’t a pressing need for another expensive contract on the team.

In basketball news, the Lakers are enjoying some preseason success, thanks in part to Kyle Kuzma’s excellent play. He took some solid steps forward last year as a third option, and his role is set to increase with the departure of Danny Green. If his play in the first three preseason games for the Lakers are any indication, 2021 could be the year that helps cement Kuzma’s career with Los Angeles for years to come.

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