News: LA Sports Show Support to a Broken Country

I believe I speak for all when I say that the past couple of days have been one of the darkest times that this country has witnessed. American cities have started to resemble war zones with tear gas and fireworks being exchanged, screaming and shouting drowning out peaceful delegations, standoffs between protestors and law enforcement, etc.  

Old wounds have reopened after years of holding them together by a single thread. The country is tearing itself apart trying to seek justice and reform. Protestors have taken to the streets and have been drowned out by the actions of violent opportunists seeking to steal and create chaos. 

In a time where people have no idea where to turn, athletes and coaches from our favorite Los Angeles sports teams took to social media to show support and guidance. After supporting them on the field, it’s nice to see them turn to the American people and show them support in this time of need with Lakers star LeBron James leading the charge.

Los Angeles Dodgers RF Mookie Betts

Los Angeles Rams WR Cooper Kupp

Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers

Los Angeles Chargers CB Chris Harris Jr.

LAFC head coach Bob Bradley 


LA Galaxy 

Los Angeles Kings C Anze Kopitar

It’s a hopeful sight to not only see people coming together to make a change but to see our home sports teams coming out to stand with them. It’s not a time to create more divide but a time for solidarity and peace. From the Coronavirus pandemic to the division in this country, LA has shown that it stands together united. 


Adam Salcido

“That is the way this game is -- you win, you lose, you celebrate and you suffer.” -- Vin Scully
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