Los Angeles News: Governor Newsom Says Pro Sports May Return Soon in California

Yesterday during his daily COVID-19 updates, California Governor Gavin Newsom said that we could see pro sports return by the first week of June without fans in California.

Newsom said, “Sporting events, pro sports in that first week or so of June without spectators, and modifications, and very prescriptive conditions, also can begin to move forward…if we hold these trend lines in the next number of weeks”

Newsom was very cautious of bringing sporting events back and did state that the trend lines must hold for any of this to happen. There won’t be fans at sporting events for now; it may be a different setting when fans are allowed to be in attendance with social distancing.

This is a big step forward, after Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti in mid-April said sporting events and concerts were unlikely in Los Angeles until 2021. The Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Chargers, Rams, Sparks, Galaxy, LAFC, and Kings all play their home games in Los Angeles.

With Gavin Newsom announcing that pro sports could return by the first week of June, that means the pandemic in California has hopefully improved. The curve has been flattened due to many residents following the stay-at-home orders.

The Lakers, Clippers, Galaxy, and LAFC have all opened their training facilities for players to condition and get work in, in hopes of resuming their seasons. This is a big step forward to sports returning in California.

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