Lakers’ Backcourt Dilemma: Who Will Secure the Backup Shooting Guard Spot?

As the Lakers gear up for a new season, questions loom over the backup shooting guard position.

In a strategic shift this year, the Los Angeles Lakers have bolstered their wing and front-court depth, giving them a newfound advantage as they approach the new year. This adjustment in their roster reflects the team’s commitment to fielding a versatile lineup throughout the season.

While the Lakers have capable backcourt players, their focus on size and versatility stands out. This change allows them to explore various lineups and adapt to different game situations.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Lakers have prioritized size and versatility in their roster this season.
  • They possess players who can handle backcourt duties but are better suited for wing positions.
  • The question of who will secure the backup shooting guard spot remains unanswered.

Currently, the Lakers have Austin Reaves as their starting shooting guard, but the competition for the backup position remains fierce. This could potentially be the team’s weakest link, but there is room for improvement as the season progresses.

One perspective comes from Keith Smith of Spotrac, who believes that Cam Reddish is the most likely candidate to claim the backup shooting guard role. However, there is an alternative viewpoint to consider.

In contrast, some argue that it should be Christie who earns the coveted spot. According to this perspective, Christie’s outstanding performance during training camp and his strong showing in the NBA Summer League make him a deserving candidate. His two-way abilities could prove invaluable to the Lakers.

“All of the options are relatively unproven. Cam Reddish is on team number four in five seasons. He’s never quite put it together enough to hold down a regular rotation role. Max Christie is heading into his second season. His rookie year was fairly ho-hum, but Christie was productive in the G League and terrific in Summer League. He could be poised for a breakout year. The other options are rookies Jalen Hood-Schifino and Maxwell Lewis.”

Per Keith Smith of

Christie’s emergence and growth are undeniable. He has displayed tremendous potential during training camp, suggesting that he is on the cusp of a breakout season. With the requisite skills and dedication, Christie is poised to earn significant minutes and contribute significantly to the team’s success.

“The guess here is that Reddish gets the first shot, simply because he’s the veteran option. But Christie looks like he has the best mix of offensive skills, along with being a helpful perimeter defender. Look for him to win the role before long.”

Per Keith Smith of

Regardless of who ultimately secures the backup shooting guard role, one thing is clear: the Lakers have a wealth of options at their disposal. This depth and versatility bode well for the team’s performance, promising an exciting and successful season ahead.

In summary, as the Lakers prepare for the upcoming season, the question of who will claim the backup shooting guard spot remains unanswered. The team’s focus on size and versatility has added intrigue to this competition, with Cam Reddish and Christie emerging as strong contenders. Regardless of the outcome, the Lakers’ deep roster suggests a promising season ahead.

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