Los Angeles Lakers’ Rui Hachimura Faces High Expectations for Upcoming NBA Season

Lakers' Forward Rui Hachimura Must Elevate His Game for Playoff Success

Last year, the Los Angeles Lakers achieved playoff success with their role players making a significant impact. While stars like Anthony Davis and LeBron James played pivotal roles, the team’s depth was indispensable for their series victories.

One standout contributor to the Lakers’ success was forward Rui Hachimura, who joined the team before the trade deadline. Hachimura seamlessly integrated into the squad, proving to be a valuable asset. His proficiency in shooting and solid defensive skills provided the Lakers with versatility in their lineups throughout the postseason. Furthermore, his playoff performance earned him a new contract, securing his place with the Lakers for the upcoming years. As the new NBA season approaches, Hachimura faces heightened expectations.

“If Hachimura wants to cement a big role for himself within the rotation, finding high-level consistency from deep is the best way to go about it. The Lakers need spacing, and if that can come from every position on the floor, they will be a dangerous prospect throughout the upcoming season.”

Per Adam Taylor of LeBron Wire

For Hachimura to make a significant impact with the Lakers this season, he must continue honing his perimeter shooting. In the regular season, he posted a 29.6 percent three-point shooting average over 33 games, but during the playoffs, he elevated this to an impressive 48.7 percent across 16 games. To further benefit the Lakers, he must aim for above-average shooting.

According to one writer’s perspective, Hachimura needs to make improvements to maintain his position in the rotation.

“Hachimura has to improve on the defensive end if he wants to play a legitimate role in what projects to be a championship-contending rotation.”

Per Adam Taylor of LeBron Wire

As he is expected to be part of the Lakers’ starting rotation this season, Hachimura will receive substantial playing time. The Lakers pride themselves on their defensive prowess, and while Hachimura has shown improvement in this area, he must maintain consistency throughout the season. This year carries significant weight for the young forward as he contributes to the Lakers’ pursuit of another championship. The invaluable experience gained during last season’s playoffs should propel him toward a highly productive year.

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