HBO’s Winning Time: The Rise and Fall of a Promising Series

Unveiling the Unexpected Cancellation of a Showtime-Era Lakers Tale

In a surprising turn of events, HBO’s hit TV series, Winning Time, which was anticipated to become a sensation, faced an abrupt cancellation after only two seasons. Co-creators Jim Hecht and Max Borenstein, despite their hopes for a different outcome, now confront this stark reality. The future of the show hung in the balance, with speculations about a potential third season mingling with lingering hopes for a turnaround. Sadly, viewership dwindled compared to the first season, and the series encountered resistance from several members of the 1980s Lakers team.

“It was bittersweet,” Borenstein said. “There’s something very special and surreal about pouring so much time, energy and love into a project and then it comes out into the world and lives vibrantly for a moment and then it’s just gone and part of the landscape and you hope people are moved by it and that they return to it and it grows over time.”


Winning Time’s untimely demise can be attributed to various factors, culminating in a frustrating conclusion. Initially envisioned to chronicle the Los Angeles Lakers’ iconic “Showtime” era and their triumphant championship journey, the show’s cancellation left fans hanging at a pivotal moment. The final episode depicted the Lakers’ devastating loss to their arch-rivals, the Boston Celtics, in the 1984 NBA Finals.

“It wasn’t the ending we had hoped for, obviously,” Hecht told The Messenger during the first interview he and Borenstein have conducted since they got the bad news.


While the series’ cancellation is a disheartening blow to its dedicated fanbase, there remains a glimmer of hope for its revival on a different network. The co-creators, Hecht and Borenstein, have not ruled out the possibility of Winning Time finding a new home. The future of this show remains uncertain, leaving fans eagerly awaiting any updates regarding its potential resurrection.

“I don’t think the doors ever get closed on anything,” Borenstein said. “It’s very clear that there was something special about Winning Time. This is a story that has so much to be mined that’s beyond just what people thought they knew. Who knows when or if we will have that opportunity to continue it, but we live in a world where Frasier is about to get a new season after 20 years so you never know.”


In summary, HBO’s Winning Time has captured the intrigue of viewers worldwide, only to face an unexpected and premature end. The show’s co-creators and loyal fans hold onto the hope that this captivating tale of the Lakers’ “Showtime” era will find a new platform to continue its journey. The fate of Winning Time now hangs in the balance, leaving audiences with a sense of anticipation and uncertainty about what lies ahead.

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