Dwight Howard’s Bid for Paris Olympics and NBA Return: Golden State Warriors Show Interest

Former Lakers Center Dwight Howard Seeks Olympic and NBA Opportunities

Former Los Angeles Lakers center, Dwight Howard, is making waves in the sports world as he strives to secure a spot in the Paris Olympics next summer while also attempting an NBA comeback. Howard, who recently engaged in a workout session with the Golden State Warriors, has garnered attention and approval from the team’s veteran players. Still, the outcome remains uncertain as the Warriors weigh their options.

According to Kendra Andrews of ESPN, Howard’s workout with the Golden State Warriors was a positive experience, earning him favor among the team’s veteran stars, including Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson. While the decision to sign Howard is not set in stone, the support of these key players increases the likelihood of his return to the NBA.

Dwight Howard’s last NBA appearance was during the 2021-2022 season, when he was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. During this stint, he primarily served as a depth player and struggled to replicate his previous level of performance with the team. Howard’s statistics averaged at 6.2 points and 5.9 rebounds per game while with the Lakers. Following his departure from the NBA, he ventured to Taiwan, where he competed in Taiwan’s T1 league. However, his desire to make an NBA comeback has remained unwavering, and he seeks a chance to prove himself once more.

Although Howard may not be a game-changing acquisition, his presence could provide the Golden State Warriors with a significant size advantage. His rebounding prowess, even at this stage of his career, could contribute to the team’s success, particularly in crucial moments. Joining a winning team like the Warriors might serve as a catalyst for revitalizing the former All-Star big man.

Should the Warriors decide to sign Howard, it is likely to be on a non-guaranteed deal. This arrangement offers the team the necessary flexibility while also giving Howard the opportunity to demonstrate his value as a productive team member.

“While this has brought up a lot of conversation externally I’m told that the Warriors are looking at this just as another workout, just another guy they are bringing in to get a look at,” Andrews said

Per Bleacher Report

NBA fans worldwide are eager to witness Dwight Howard’s return to the league. While seeing him don a Golden State jersey may be a departure from his previous associations, he undoubtedly deserves to conclude his career in a positive and competitive environment, especially considering the Lakers’ recent challenges during his last stint in the NBA.

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