NBA Owners Consider Stricter Rest Policies for Star Players

League Aims to Curb "Load Management" Practices

Your Los Angeles Lakers have benefited from generous rest policies, given the injury-prone nature of LeBron James (38) and Anthony Davis (30, but playing like he’s 38). While not as liberal as the Los Angeles Clippers, the Lakers have been cautious not to overextend themselves.

In a bid to address concerns about the NBA’s lengthy regular season, the league is making efforts to tackle the issue of “load management” once more.

Adrian Wojnarowski, a renowned reporter at ESPN, has revealed that the league’s Competition Committee is urging NBA team owners to vote on more stringent policies for resting players, especially during nationally broadcast games and when multiple star players are rested in the same match. It is expected that these policies will receive approval during the upcoming Wednesday vote.

These new measures will impose fines of $100,000 for the first instance, $250,000 for the second, and $1 million for all subsequent violations. Shams Charania of The Athletic defines “star” players as those who have been part of an All-Star squad or an All-NBA Team in the last three seasons, a relatively generous definition by many standards.

It is surprising that owners are voting against their own interests, as most major stars now miss 10-15 games annually while being rested for the playoffs. While extended absences can impact the regular season’s bottom line, ensuring players’ freshness during the playoffs should be the top priority.

Interestingly, the Lakers, led by LeBron James, have been vocal opponents of load management, despite the physical toll on their bodies. Both James and Davis will miss games due to actual injuries, not simply for maintenance. Perhaps, managing players’ minutes could be the next approach teams explore to preserve their aging stars’ longevity.

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