Former Lakers Guard James Ennis Finds New Home in Italy

James Ennis, a Former Lakers Guard, Joins Italian Team

When it comes to the Los Angeles Lakers, they are undoubtedly a franchise with lofty expectations for both of their guard positions. Over the years, the Lakers have been home to a plethora of backcourt stars and championship contributors, including legends like Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Derek Fisher, and many others.

In recent years, the franchise faced a rebuilding phase, with a constant shuffle in search of the right guards to reignite their winning traditions. They invested heavily in the backcourt, using two lottery picks on promising talents, D’Angelo Russell and Lonzo Ball. However, despite the potential, neither Russell nor Ball lived up to the Lakers’ expectations during their time with the team.

Even other ball-handlers and shooters like Alex Caruso and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who contributed significantly to the Lakers’ 2020 championship run, eventually found their way off the roster. This illustrated the Lakers’ commitment to maintaining a high standard in their guard positions.

Adding to the list of former Lakers guards finding new homes is James Ennis, who played for the Lakers during the post-Kobe Bryant era. Ennis, who previously donned the purple and gold, has now secured a spot on an Italian basketball team.

James Ennis had a two-season stint with the Lakers, spanning from 2016 to 2018. During his time with the franchise, he averaged five points, two assists, and one rebound in 76 games. He was often utilized as a primary ball-handler, providing valuable rest opportunities for other guards such as Russell, Ball, and Caldwell-Pope.

However, Ennis’s 2018 tenure with the Lakers marked his last official stint with an NBA team. Over the past three years, he has plied his trade with various European squads, honing his skills and adapting to different styles of play.

Now, as James Ennis embarks on this new chapter of his basketball journey with an Italian organization, the basketball world will be eager to see how he performs on the European stage. We extend our best wishes to him as he continues to chase his dreams on the court.

James Ennis’s move to Italy is yet another testament to the ever-changing landscape of professional basketball. It’s a reminder that players with NBA experience can find success and opportunities in leagues around the world, contributing to the global growth of the sport.

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