New Book Chronicles Epic 1987-1988 NBA Season Featuring Lakers and Legends

Rich Cohen's 'When the Game Was War' Takes You Back to the Greatest NBA Season

The Los Angeles Lakers, an iconic global franchise, have not only conquered the basketball court but have also established a remarkable brand beyond the arena. This enduring success has led to numerous books, documentaries, and TV shows chronicling their storied history. Now, a new addition to this literary tradition emerges with Rich Cohen’s latest release, “When the Game Was War: The NBA’s Greatest Season,” delving deep into the heart of the 1987-1988 NBA season.

In “When the Game Was War,” Cohen immerses readers in the electric atmosphere of the 1987-1988 NBA season, capturing the essence of a period hailed as the pinnacle of basketball. He focuses on key players who shaped this unforgettable season, including the Lakers’ Magic Johnson, Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics, Isaiah Thomas of the Detroit Pistons, and the legendary Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls. Cohen argues that this particular season stands as the greatest of all time, attributing this distinction to the prime performance of these iconic players battling it out on the hardwood.

The fierce competition among these basketball titans created an unforgettable spectacle, making the 1987-1988 season a truly exceptional experience. Cohen takes readers into the heart of the action, emphasizing the unique magic that unfolded with these players at the peak of their careers.

Cohen’s book doesn’t stop at on-court heroics; it also delves into the intriguing off-court interactions between these basketball legends. This aspect of the book makes it an engaging read not only for Lakers fans but for all basketball enthusiasts. If you’re a devoted Lakers fan or simply a lover of the game, “When the Game Was War” is a must-read that allows you to relive the magic of the 1987-1988 NBA season.

Of course, the climax of this unforgettable season was the NBA Finals showdown between the Lakers and the Detroit Pistons, a battle that went the distance to seven games. This epic contest concluded with the Lakers emerging victorious, securing their fifth and final championship under the leadership of Magic Johnson. LA’s back-to-back titles during this era solidified their status as the dominant team of the decade.

Rich Cohen’s “When the Game Was War” hit the shelves on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, ensuring that fans can dive into the nostalgia of the 1987-1988 NBA season right now! Don’t miss your chance to relive the glory days of basketball with this captivating book.

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