LeBron James Contemplating Future with Boston Celtics if Son Bronny Gets Drafted

Speculations arise as LeBron James considers joining arch-rival team Boston Celtics if his son Bronny gets drafted by them.

Los Angeles Lakers star small forward, LeBron James, has harbored a long-standing desire to team up with his son Bronny, a prospective freshman combo guard at USC, in a basketball game. The 19-time All-Star has frequently discussed this aspiration, even stating that he would follow his son to whichever team he gets drafted into. However, in recent times, James appears to have moderated his stance. He might be realizing that his son could wish to forge his own legacy within the NBA, possibly preferring not to share the roster with his father during his rookie season.

The unfolding of this situation will occur over the upcoming year, with Bronny eligible for the draft in the forthcoming season. A particular writer, Eric Jay Santos from Inside the Celtics, envisions that LeBron James could potentially conclude his career with the Lakers’ arch-rivals, the Boston Celtics.

The thought is that if the Celtics were to select Bronny, James might follow suit and join the team. If this were to transpire, James could greatly enhance his prospects of securing another championship. He would be able to collaborate with players like Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and others. Yet, the question looms whether James would truly entertain the notion of donning a Celtics jersey after achieving so much while representing the Lakers in their iconic purple and gold.

“Drafting Bronny James could pave the way to the Celtics signing his Hall-of-Fame-bound father. James has previously expressed desire to play alongside his son before retiring.”

Per Eric Jay Santos of Inside the Celtics

It’s worth noting that James has openly expressed his aversion towards the Celtics. Despite the intrigue surrounding this proposition, skepticism persists. While James could potentially set aside his bias towards Boston and opt for the Celtics if his son ends up there, uncertainties remain in this scenario.

The future actions of James once Bronny enters the NBA remain shrouded in uncertainty. Nevertheless, James has consistently demonstrated his capacity to perform at a remarkably high level, even as he advances in age. Currently, his focus remains steadfast on aiding the Lakers in capturing their 18th championship title. This objective takes precedence above all else.

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