LeBron James Ranked 2nd Among Top NBA Wings for Upcoming Season

Bleacher Report's NBA Staff ranks James as one of the best players despite his age and impressive career.

Every season, there’s a tendency for people to doubt LeBron James and question his abilities. It’s almost like a tradition, and every single time, those doubters are proven wrong, reinforcing his exceptional skills and resilience.

Though the unstoppable force of time catches up with everyone, LeBron James remains a powerhouse in the basketball world. As he embarks on his 21st season in the NBA, some still hold him to the standards set a decade ago. This speaks volumes about his greatness and the monumental expectations that have followed him throughout his career.

As the new season approaches, James stands tall as one of the most outstanding players in the entire NBA. In a recent game, he demonstrated his prowess by scoring an impressive 40 points, fighting to keep the Lakers’ season alive. His ability to perform at such a high level is undeniable. But where does he stand among the top wings in the NBA?

Look no further for answers, as Bleacher Report’s NBA Staff has meticulously ranked the top 30 wings for the upcoming season. In this ranking, James secured the second spot, falling just behind Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics. This placement raises no arguments on my part. In fact, there’s a reasonable discussion to consider putting Kevin Durant of the Phoenix Suns ahead of James. However, ranking him behind Tatum seems to accurately reflect his current standing.

“Last season, James averaged 28.9 points a game with 8.3 rebounds and 6.8 assists. While his rebounding is down from the Lakers’ 2019-20 championship run (where he peaked at 10.2), his scoring has climbed (from 25.3 points a game that season). James is still capable of taking over playoff games (see Memphis Grizzlies or the final game of the Western Conference Finals) and remains the primary force teams have to game-plan for defensively.”

Per Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report

While his age is certainly a factor, it’s his exceptional achievements at this stage of his career that continue to astonish. Never before have we witnessed a player dominate the court at such a remarkable level during their 21st NBA season. Serving as a leader for the Los Angeles Lakers, James is determined to silence any lingering doubts. He and the Lakers aim to achieve this by delivering a stellar performance this season and proving that their success last year was no mere coincidence.

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