NBA Star Dwight Howard Finds Success with Taoyuan Leopards in Taiwan

Former Los Angeles Lakers Center Earns Accolades in International Career Move

After failing to attract attention during the 2022 summer free agency, former three-time Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard made a bold move onto the international basketball scene. With an impressive 18-season stint in the NBA across seven different teams, he secured eight All-Star and All-NBA team honors, notably clinching the 2020 NBA championship with the Lakers. This remarkable journey cemented his legacy as a clear Hall of Fame candidate.

Measuring in at 6 feet 10 inches tall, the renowned big man embarked on his second season alongside the Taiwanese team, the Taoyuan Leopards. During the 2022-23 season, he garnered significant recognition as a member of the All-T1 League First Team, the T1 League All-Defensive First Team, the T1 League All-Time Team, and also earned the prestigious title of T1 League Most Valuable Import. These accomplishments highlighted his exceptional contributions to the team’s success.

In a supportive gesture, John Salley, a former Lakers champion who also has a history of moving between teams, applauded Howard’s decision to continue his career with the Taoyuan Leopards. Sharing his thoughts on Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson’s YouTube show, “Scoop B Selects,” Salley conveyed admiration for Dwight Howard’s achievements and choices.

During the interview, when Salley was posed with the question of whether Dwight Howard deserved a place in the Hall of Fame (an unquestionable affirmation considering Howard’s accomplishments), Salley couldn’t help but chuckle. The reference here is to Salley’s own remarkable NBA journey, which included securing four NBA titles. He was part of the victorious Detroit Pistons in 1989 and 1990, the Chicago Bulls in 1996, and, of course, the Lakers in 2000. Salley’s career, spanning 11 NBA seasons, is characterized by modest averages of 7.0 points on 50.6% shooting and 4.5 rebounds per game. However, these numbers do not fully encapsulate his pivotal role in the chemistry and success of various legendary dynastic franchises.

Howard “is the best thing EVER to come out of Atlanta,” Salley raved. “I love that cat. He was so smart about what he did in Taiwan. This is what’s funny: China is very, very, VERY important to the NBA and for him to play in Taiwan while they’re having their little spiff going on is simple. But I really think that Dwight improved his understanding of this world by going over and playing in another place. He embraced it and was showing his charismatic way of being, I think it was a really good move on his part.”

Dwight Howard’s transition from the NBA to the Taoyuan Leopards has proven to be a rewarding one, as he continues to shine on the international basketball stage. His dedication, skills, and accolades are a testament to his enduring impact on the sport, even beyond his celebrated NBA career.

“Well… I’m in the Hall of Fame four times! That’s my final answer!” Salley exclaimed.

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