Controversial Rivalry: Dillon Brooks’ Feud with LeBron James Takes Unexpected Turn

Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady Explains How Brooks' Strategy Paid Off

Even in the midst of the Los Angeles Lakers’ remarkable journey to the 2023 Western Conference Finals, a unique rivalry was brewing that kept fans on their toes. Ex-Memphis Grizzlies small forward, Dillon Brooks, emerged as an unexpected figurehead for the LA fans’ frustrations, despite his early exit from the competition.

Brooks, whose primary responsibility was guarding the renowned Lakers star LeBron James, adopted a relentless approach both on and off the court. He engaged in a persistent media campaign, consistently taking jabs at the 19-time All-Star. As the six-game series reached its conclusion, Brooks found himself struggling with his shooting accuracy, ultimately leading to reduced playing time within his own team. As the time for free agency approached in July, the Grizzlies made it clear that Brooks would not be part of their future plans. Subsequently, he surprised many by signing a substantial four-year contract worth $80 million with the Houston Rockets, a team projected to face challenges in the upcoming season.

In an illuminating episode of the Scoop B Radio Podcast, hosted by Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, the legendary Hall of Fame small forward Tracy McGrady provided insights into the unconventional effects of Brooks’ contentious relationship with LeBron James. McGrady, an accomplished player with seven All-Star appearances during his tenure with the Orlando Magic and Houston Rockets, broke down the intricate dynamics at play. He highlighted how Brooks’ role as an irritant to LeBron James, despite being on the losing side, yielded unexpected benefits during the summer.

Standing at 6’7″, Brooks, who hails from Oregon, displayed an average performance of 10.5 points per game, accompanied by shooting splits of .312/.238/.714, 3.0 rebounds, and 1.8 assists across 27.8 minutes per game over the course of the intense six-game playoff series against the Lakers. Notably, his contributions were more pronounced on the defensive end, although he faced challenges even in guarding James. On the other hand, the towering 6’8″ superstar from LA, LeBron James, showcased his dominance by averaging 22.2 points, shooting at an impressive 48.6% accuracy from the field, securing 11.2 rebounds, dishing out 5.2 assists, and contributing 1.3 blocks and 1.0 steals per game during the same series.

“Now some of the ‘antics’ I could do without, but I’m talking about from a competitive standpoint: if he doesn’t do some of the things that he did last year going at LeBron… we’re not talking about Dillon Brooks, bro,” McGrady observed. “He’s just another player that’s in the NBA that’s on somebody’s roster that people are overlooking. He’s made a name for himself. Whether it’s good or bad people are talking about him and in essence, that man just signed an $80 million dollar contract! So whatever he did, it worked for him. Good for him! All that backlash and all this stuff that people are talking about…. Maaaannn listen. Y’all wouldn’t know who Dillon Brooks was if he wasn’t competing and going at LeBron that way so he did his job. He got an $80 million dollar deal out of the s— he did last season.”

The unexpected twists and turns in this rivalry between Brooks and James exemplify the unpredictability that often characterizes professional sports. Tracy McGrady’s analysis sheds light on how even perceived setbacks can lead to unforeseen advantages, highlighting the intricate strategies and mindsets that shape the course of athletic competition.

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