Lakers’ New Additions Shine in 2K24 Summer League Debuts

Get the scoop on how Jalen Hood-Schifino, Maxwell Lewis, and other undrafted talents showcased their skills in the Lakers' 2K24 summer league appearance.

The Los Angeles Lakers recently unveiled their fresh talents during the 2K24 summer league, offering fans a glimpse of what the future might hold for the team. Jalen Hood-Schifino and Maxwell Lewis, who were selected by the franchise in the 2023 NBA Draft, took the spotlight as they donned the iconic purple and gold for the first time.

Notably, Colin Castleton, Alex Fudge, and D’Moi Hodge also grabbed this opportunity to shine, despite going undrafted. They secured contracts with the Lakers, and their performances were nothing short of impressive. It did take some time for this ensemble to find their rhythm, but the efforts paid off. Castleton displayed his versatility in the center position, exhibiting skills that spanned across the court. On the other hand, Hodge exhibited remarkable accuracy with jumpers while also proving his mettle in defense. Fudge contributed his exceptional athleticism, adding an exciting dynamic to the team’s gameplay.

The synergy among these rising stars, alongside Hood-Schifino and Lewis, was evident on the court. However, reminiscing about past summer league lineups is a familiar trend among Lakers enthusiasts. The 2017 summer league squad, featuring standout players like Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Thomas Bryant, and Brandon Ingram, remains a cherished memory.

Several individuals from that remarkable roster have since evolved into pivotal pillars of their respective NBA teams. It’s not without reason to argue that it all kicked off with that particular summer league team, which notably clinched the championship. A notable achievement was Lonzo Ball earning the summer league MVP title.

In a recent appearance on Trae Young’s ‘From The Point’ podcast, Lonzo Ball shared his perspective on the exceptional 2017 summer league squad. He confirmed that, in his opinion, they were unparalleled in their performance, making a mark as one of the greatest summer league teams ever assembled. Ball, the former Lakers’ second overall pick, is currently undergoing an extensive knee surgery recovery. Lakers’ fans eagerly await his return to the court and send their well wishes for his swift recovery.

As the 2K24 summer league unfolds, Lakers supporters eagerly anticipate the continued growth and development of their budding stars. The captivating performances of Hood-Schifino, Lewis, and the rest of the talented lineup offer a promising glimpse into the Lakers’ evolving future.

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