Explore the Legacy of the ‘Showtime’ Lakers in MAX’s ‘Winning Time’ Series

Get Inside Stories of Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and the Rivalry that Shaped NBA History

Even though the upcoming NBA season is a couple of months away, Los Angeles Lakers fans are in for a treat with the MAX-exclusive series ‘Winning Time.’ Every week, season two episodes are dropping, offering a captivating journey into the historic ‘Showtime’ Lakers era and the remarkable efforts that forged their dynasty.

In a different era of the NBA, when the league was distinct, the Lakers, though situated in Los Angeles, hadn’t yet harnessed the full potential of their market and city. However, all of this changed thanks to the visionary owner Jerry Buss. Alongside his close-knit family core, Buss orchestrated a remarkable turnaround, igniting a fierce rivalry with the Boston Celtics that would catapult the NBA into the limelight.

“There’s no Magic without Bird and there’s no Bird without Magic. They start off like mortal enemies, but really, they need each other, and they push each other to become better. The rivalry between the two dynasties is the rivalry between the two of them, and we all know that they actually become friends and that’s what’s so beautiful; they’re actually two sides of the same character.”

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The current season of ‘Winning Time’ has commenced with a bang, delving into intriguing aspects such as team chemistry woes that followed their initial championship win in the 1980s. The show also shines a light on Magic Johnson’s juggling act between on-court stardom and his off-court pursuits, as well as the backstory that transformed Larry Bird into a revered Boston Celtic.

“There are also these parallel surrogate father-son stories. This is the episode where Buss offers Magic a huge deal to be a Laker for the rest of his career and it really comes down to trust.”

“The same thing is happening with Bird with the tragedy that happens with his real father and him finding a surrogate father figure in Bill Hodges, his assistant coach, the first person to really see him and say, “I see your talent, and I see that you’re scared, follow through with it.”

(Via Hollywood Reporter)

In an insightful conversation with Hollywood Reporter, Todd Banhazl, the director of episode three, shared his profound interest in narrating both Larry Bird’s and Magic Johnson’s stories. Banhazl drew parallels between these two basketball superstars, shedding light on their personal lives during that era. With the series set to continue, the anticipation for the upcoming episodes is nothing short of electric. Be sure not to miss out on the exhilarating ride that ‘Winning Time’ Season 2 promises to be!

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