NBA Star Austin Reaves Expands His Horizons with Golf and Social Media Ventures

Lakers Shooting Guard Austin Reaves Embraces Golf and Launches Social Media Channels

He’s Exploring a New Field!

When it comes to NBA superstars, their interests and activities off the basketball court can often be as intriguing as their performances on it. As these athletes seek outlets beyond the game, diverse avenues come into play. Some delve into video games, others venture into hosting personal podcasts, and then there are those who embrace other sports. Among these options, golf seems to hold a special place, and the reasons behind it are clear.

Golf: More Than Just a Game

The allure of golf lies in its unique blend of skill and patience, setting it apart from many other sports. Its solitary nature allows for individual engagement while also accommodating group participation. Over the years, esteemed NBA figures like Stephen Curry and Michael Jordan have voiced their affection for golf, sharing how the greens have become an essential part of their lives. This affinity for the sport’s challenges and tranquil charm is not surprising.

Austin Reaves: From Court to Greens

Joining the ranks of those who find solace and enjoyment in golf is Austin Reaves, the accomplished shooting guard for the Lakers. In a recent appearance on the Full Send podcast, Reaves opened up about his burgeoning passion for golf and his newfound social media endeavors. Reaves revealed his decision to launch a TikTok page, providing a glimpse into his golfing journey. Moreover, he’s preparing to expand his presence onto YouTube, offering a deeper insight into his experiences on and off the golf course.

“I actually just started a Tik Tok page, HillBillyBogey, but I don’t have Twitter,” said Reaves. “I’m probably gonna do a YouTube channel, just of golf for me, just because I enjoy playing golf.”

(Via Full Send)

A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

Reaves’ engagement with social media is intriguing, especially given his inclination for privacy. The Lakers‘ shooting guard acknowledges his reservations about social platforms but also recognizes their potential to connect with fans and broaden his outreach. With a TikTok page already active, Reaves’ foray into sharing his golfing experiences demonstrates his evolving relationship with both the sport and his followers.

A Bright Future Ahead

As Austin Reaves nurtures his love for golf and embraces the world of social media, his journey takes an exciting turn. With plans to establish a YouTube channel, Reaves is poised to offer a more comprehensive narrative of his golfing endeavors. In a world where athletes often wield their influence beyond the field, Reaves’ venture into golf and social media is a testament to the diverse paths that NBA stars tread.

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