Lakers Legend John Salley Praises Shaquille O’Neal’s Dominance in Phil Jackson’s Triangle Offense

Salley's admiration for Shaq's excellence adds to the Lakers' rich history.

The Los Angeles Lakers have showcased a variety of play styles that led to championships across different eras. One of the most iconic decades for the team was undoubtedly the 1980s, known as the Showtime Lakers, with Magic Johnson leading the fast break and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar dominating the low block. However, as the 2000s arrived, the Lakers sought new life and found it with two new faces of their franchise, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant.

When Shaquille O’Neal joined the Lakers from the Orlando Magic, he completely transformed his game. Evolving from an athletic and speedy big man to the most dominant force in basketball history, O’Neal’s size combined with his basketball IQ made him unstoppable in the low post. The investment in Shaq proved worthwhile for the purple and gold, as he led the team to three consecutive championships and earned Finals MVP honors for the franchise.

Veteran guard John Salley, who was a member of the Lakers during their 2000 Finals victory against the Indiana Pacers, had the privilege of witnessing The Big Diesel’s greatness up close and personal. In a recent appearance on ‘KG Certified’ with NBA legend Kevin Garnett, Salley openly praised Shaq’s excellence in Phil Jackson’s triangle offense.

Shaquille O’Neal’s impact and respect extend throughout the league, but when a former teammate like John Salley shares his admiration for Shaq’s dominance, it underscores the significance of his contribution to Lakers history. O’Neal’s mastery of the triangle offense under Phil Jackson added a new dimension to the team’s success and further solidified his status as one of the most dominant players in the sport.

As Lakers fans reminisce about the unforgettable moments of the team’s rich history, Shaquille O’Neal’s era stands out as a defining chapter. His brilliance in the triangle offense and the championships he brought to the franchise remain an integral part of the Lakers’ storied legacy.

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