Lakers News: Skip Bayless Accuses LeBron James Of Lying About Foot Injury

Skip strikes again!

When it was announced that Los Angeles Lakers All-Star small forward LeBron James would miss several weeks due to a murkily defined right foot injury, the NBA world wasn’t exactly surprised. After all, James is 38 years old, playing in his 20th season, and has missed major time in three of his four seasons with the Lakers as a result of various ailments. 

He fell on the foot and seemed to aggravate it Sunday during LA’s bonkers 27-point comeback victory over the Dallas Mavericks, though he eventually stayed in the game to help LA nail the W.

Leave to Fox Sports weirdo Skip Bayless, who has always had an intense fascination with James, to take things in a totally bizarre direction. During an appearance on his show “Undisputed With Skip And Shannon,” Bayless accused the LA great of faking his injury.

“What exactly is his injury Mr. Sharpe?” an irate Bayless demanded of his cohost Shannon Sharpe, a friend of James’s. “You’re close, you’re in the inner circle [Sharpe refuted this]. I need to know what the injury is. They won’t even say what the injury is. It’s another mysterious LeBron injury… Why don’t you tell us what the injury is? ‘Cause it’s full disclosure transparency, just tell us… “

It was revealed that today (i.e. after this Bayless-Sharpe exchange) that James has been diagnosed with a right foot tendon injury, and will be out for at least the next three weeks.

If anything, yours truly would venture to guess that the injury is a bit more serious than the way it’s being portrayed. James doesn’t like to miss time, and has been playing with pain in both his feet for months. The fact that he actually has to sit hints that this must be a severe-enough issue to require that step.

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