Former 5-Time Lakers Champion Has Harsh Words For ESPN Analyst

Michael Cooper ripped the analyst’s hot take and proceed to attack his basketball skills as well.

Longtime NBA pro J.J. Redick has found a career in the basketball discourse over the past few years that has allowed him to stay close to the sport without actually playing it. In his successful podcast “The Old Man And The Three”, Redick invites numerous NBA players, coaches, and friends on to the show to better understand their stories and also discuss the game as a whole.

Due to his natural ability to analyze games and storylines within the league, ESPN agreed to a deal with the retired sharpshooter and he has appeared in numerous shows for them this year. His segments were initially met with praise as he was never scared to call out big names such as Stephen A. Smith on their questionable statements.

However, the tides have turned as Redick recently came out with his own hot take in which he downplayed the shooting ability of Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird.

“There’s plenty of people that have shot more, made more, and guess what? Made more at a higher percentage than Larry Bird from three,” said Redick. “He is one of the greatest shooters ever, just not one of the greatest three-point shooters ever.”

Redick’s comments drew a ton of backlash from the NBA world as Bird is one of the most cherished players in history. Former Los Angeles Lakers champion and Defensive Player of the Year Michael Cooper was among those who had strong responses to the analyst.

Cooper helped LA win five titles on teams led by Magic Johnson and he got to see the talent for Bird firsthand, as they met the Celtics three times in the NBA Finals during the 1980’s. The retired shooting guard had some harsh words for Redick in his own podcast “Showtime With Coop.”

“This guy has no clue of how basketball was played in the 80’s and I guarantee you this JJ Redick,” said Cooper. “If you had played in the 80’s, I would’ve locked your a** up. You wouldn’t have gotten a shot off, you wouldn’t have gotten nothing off.”

It is pretty wild to see a former Laker defending someone from their biggest rival in the Celtics, but it just goes to show how much respect Cooper has for Bird. They were part of two teams that were so fun to watch that they have widely been regarded as franchises that saved the sport in the 1980’s.

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