Former Lakers Champion Files Restraining Order Against Ex-Wife Following Reported Abuse

A starter on a former LA title-winning team reveals that his ex-wife was physically violent with him and their two children.

Former Los Angeles Lakers small forward Trevor Ariza is said to be going through quite the legal troubles with his ex-wife, Bree Anderson, right now. Anderson was granted a restraining order against Ariza last week by an LA County Judge, per Ryan Naumann of Radar Online, and now Ariza has responded with a restraining order of his own.

The two apparently have had problems in their marriage for years and the worst of them came in 2020. 

Ariza tried his best to mend the issues and fix their relationship but it all came crashing down when another girlfriend’s number of his popped up on his phone in front of Anderson. The 37-year-old explained what happened in court documents provided by “The Blast.”

“Bree grabbed me by my hair and violently ripped a dreadlock right out of my scalp,” said Ariza. “Bree almost entirely ripped a second dreadlock out of my scalp as well. This second dreadlock was left dangling from my scalp by a few hairs.”

The former professional athlete points to anger issues and mental illness as two likely factors that contribute to Anderson’s behavior. He described his ex-wife as someone that showed no progress in a positive direction over the years.

Ariza also detailed another instance in which Anderson acted out with violence and put his life in danger.

“In a fit of jealousy, Bree leaned forward to the driver’s seat and with her right hand forcefully pulled the steering wheel toward the passenger seat,” said Ariza. “Bree’s unexpected and dangerous action nearly caused me to lose complete control of my vehicle. My car abruptly veered over two lanes of traffic to the right.”

It would be one thing if Anderson only acted like this when her ex-partner was around, but Ariza revealed that this behavior continued in front of their two children. This was the last straw for him and he would then go on to file for a domestic violence restraining order.

Ariza was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2007 and played a key role in their 2009 championship. He bounced around from team to team after that looking to see if he could help a contender and ended up back on the Lakers in the 2021 season with a minimal role.

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