All Lakers Expert Predictions Ahead Of Tuesday’s Los Angeles-Memphis Showdown

LA will need its available guys to step up.

Your Los Angeles Lakers are squaring off against the Memphis Grizzlies tonight in what could be a potential first-round playoff preview, should LA make it that far.

In the meantime, LA will have its work cut out for it, as All-Star forward LeBron James is unavailable, and starting point guard D’Angelo Russell is currently listed as doubtful to play with a right ankle sprain.

Here are some prognostications ahead of the matchup.

Will Dillon Brooks fight a Laker during regulation?

The last time these two teams faced off at Arena, we saw him almost come to blows with NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe, now a Fox Sports commentator and LeBron James comrade. Will the Memphis swingman get into it with someone on the LA roster, now that he’s on his home turf? I say so. Troy Brown Jr. seems too unassuming, and Brooks likes to attack All-Stars, so I’m expecting him to take a cheap shot at Anthony Davis before game’s end.

Can the Grizzlies become even less likable than they already are tonight?

Yes, assuming someone starts a fight. My money’s on Brooks, but basically anyone on their roster (aside from, weirdly, Steven Adams) seems liable to get into fisticuffs for basically no reason.

Will Ja Morant’s friends try to shoot laser pointers at D’Angelo Russell after the game?

They’ve done it to an opponent before. If you can’t tell, this entire Memphis team has basically taken a huge heel turn this season, and now have become deeply hatable.

Let’s hope this is overly relatively briskly.

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