​​Lakers News: Shannon Sharpe Is Concerned About LeBron James’ Health

FS1 analyst doesn’t like what he’s been seeing from James, health-wise.

The Purple and Gold got a crucial win yesterday against the Dallas Mavericks. They mounted a 27-point comeback and are inching closer to the Western Conference’s highly coveted 10th seed.

However, some bad news came out of yesterday’s contest: Los Angeles Lakers All-Star forward LeBron James suffered a right foot injury and will miss Tuesday’s matchup against the Memphis Grizzlies.

FS1 analyst and LeBron James friend super-fan Shannon Sharpe gave his insight on what he’s been seeing from the four-time champion as of late and how his foot could be affecting his play.

“For me, he does not look like the same LeBron James that we saw the guy play from his birthday until he injured that foot — I think it was February 7th,” Sharpe began. “His birthday was December 30th. February 7th when he broke Kareem’s record. He does not look like the same player from the fourth quarter on of that game to what we see now. … The foot is clearly bothering him. There are some things that he can’t do that he normally could do, and he’s not playing the same brand of basketball that we’ve seen from LeBron. And as long as LeBron James is not healthy, they’re not going anywhere.”

The 38-year-old James has been suffering from some wear and tear this season, and as we all know, Father Time is undefeated. 

James injured his foot on Sunday as he was coming down from a jump shot against Mavericks center Dwight Powell. 

James has been somewhat super-human throughout his entire career, so to see him battling through injuries at this rate is very rare to witness. 

Best case scenario, the Lakers are just being cautious with the NBA’s all-time leading scorer and resting him for an even bigger game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday, or… I don’t even want to say it. 

The Lakers have a tough hill to climb, and this injury for LeBron makes it 100 times worse, should it last beyond this week. Let’s hope James gets healthy as soon as possible and that everyone else stays healthy. 

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