Lakers: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Gracious In Unpacking Greatness Of LeBron James

Cap showed nothing but love on LeBron’s big day.

Prior to Tuesday night’s eventual loss against the Oklahoma City Thunder, where the world watched LeBron James finally become the NBA’s all-time scoring leader, many were speculating he would wait to do so on Thursday against a more historic team in the Milwaukee Bucks. However, once it was confirmed that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would be in attendance, it seemed likely James would get it done then and there.

James got off to a hot start, scoring eight points in the first eight minutes. arena was electric as every fan began to rise to their feet in anticipation for the star forward to reach his 36th point that would grant him the record.

That special moment came with just over 10 seconds left in the third quarter as James backed down OKC big Kenrich Williams and sank a post-fadeaway to give him his 38,388th career point. The game came to a stoppage and many notable figures paid their respects to James’ legacy, Cap being the biggest of all.

“LeBron’s career is one of someone who planned to dominate this game,” said Abdul-Jabbar. “He got out of high school, he had the size and the talent to step right into the NBA. He immediately started to have his effect.”

Abdul-Jabbar previously held the scoring record for almost 39 years before last night. He also donned a Lakers jersey when he surpassed yet another former Laker, Will Chamberlain, for the title back in 1984.

The six-time MVP highlighted James’ championships as a result of his keen leadership.

“He led teams to three world championships. They didn’t get there because of someone else and LeBron tagged along,” said Abdul-Jabbar. “He has that indefinable essence that they call leadership.”

James will have to ensure that essence remains the rest of the season as he has made it clear he’s in pursuit of a fifth championship. Unfortunately, with his special night being spoiled by a loss to the Thunder and the Lakers sitting tight at the 13th seed in the West, James can only hope the front office improves the team around him.

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